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Please read all to ensure good understanding of our terms


Terms and Conditions


 1) Clients must provide detailed information regarding pick up point(s) and time(s). Quiana Tours will not be held responsible if a miscommunication occurs and there is no written itinerary from the client. The itinerary will be followed as printed and any thing outside the itinerary will be billed to the client according to stops and destinations.

2) No job will be confirmed or reserved without a deposit and signed contract.  All deposits are due 5 days from contract. All deposits are $250.00 (per bus). $200.00 (per bus) is NON REFUNDABLE, but will be added to your remaining balance. (Any amount over $3000.00, a percentage will be decided when contract is drawn & printed).  $50.00 is held in case of late cancellation if canceled.

3) The remaining balance is ALWAYS due 2 weeks prior to departure in the form of a cashiers check, money order, Credit Card or cash. 

4) All cancellations are to be done 30 days prior to departure. There is a late cancellation fee of $50.00 which will be kept out of your deposit... If cancelled 30 days prior to departure, client will receive $50.00 in return 15-30 days after cancellat

ion date.

5) Driverís room and gratuity are NEVER included in quotes unless specified. Client must provide drivers rooms on all over nights trips. Drivers are never to drive over 10 hours without an 8 hour break on all shuttles/ charters. Driver can NOT be on duty no more than 15 hours per day.

6) Quiana Tours is not responsible for personal property/ items left on transportation.

7) Quiana Tours does not allow smoking on any of the transportation.

8) Quiana Tours does not allow glass of any kind in the transportation. If glass MUST be transported, it has to be placed in the exterior cabins.

9) Quiana Tours is not liable for loss of damages due to acts of terrorism, war of civil disturbance.

10) Please inspect transportation prior to boarding. If damages incurred to the transportation while in clients charter, client will be billed for repair or replacement of items damaged. (This includes but not limited to broken seats, armrest, and footrest, door to overhead storage, VCR/DVD, CD, player card table, or windows).


Extended Terms:



Please make all cashiers checks or money orders payable to Quiana Tours. If serviced is exten

longer than Contracted you will be charged on a pro-rated basis at the hourly rate and invoiced accordingly after service has been rendered.



All deposits are due upon signing of the contract. Your bus will not be reserved unless we have a signature AND deposit. If your signature and deposit is not in within five days after preparing the contract (dated printed at top of your contract), your Contract will be cancelled

and you will have to call and re-reserve. All deposits are $250.00 (per bus). $200.00 (per bus) is non-refundable. (Any amount over $3000.00, a percentage will be decided when contract is drawn & printed). Your balance is always due two weeks prior to departing in the form of a check (cashiers check, we no longer take personal or company checks), cash, credit card (Visa or Master card) and money order.



-All cancellations are to be received 30 days prior to service. If service is cancelled within the 30 days of service there will be a late cancellation fee of $200.00. This is deducted from your deposit placed for holding the transportation. If cancelled before 30 days, you will receive $50.00 by mail 15-30 after date cancelled and will be addressed to the company or person signing the contract.

-If cancellation occurs because of bad weather you can only reschedule to a later date upon our company availability. Payment is not refundable.



In the event of mechanical failure, your payment cannot be refunded. If for any reason, in case of mechanical failure, we will dispatch another bus to replace the one that is not in service. You may receive a refund or discount that is comparable to your loss on your next booking.


If for some reason the driver is turned around or misses an exit that may cause you to arrive late to your destination, a refund can not and will not be given. We will allow extended services so that your group gets the amount of time desired at your destination. (Time contracted) In the event traffic: Unfortunately we can not predict when there will be traffic; no refunds or credits will be give if arrival to destination is late due to any sort of traffic.




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